We Are a
of Perfectionists Who
Live Vicariously Through Our Clients

We are well-seasoned professionals with expertise and an immeasurable passion for creating brands that turn people from consumers into fans. Nothing pleases us more than the results created from that.

Our happiness is measured by the chasm between our clients and their competitors. It takes hard work to expose that void and courage to fill it. With like-minded clients, we know success is well within reach.


We have offices in Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC - but we work with clients nationally and internationally thanks to the conveniences of airplanes and internet. Individually we average 18 years doing what we do and collectively we have over 75 years of experience. We have worked in agencies, large and small, design firms and large corporations. Like anything else, the more you do, the better you are.

Our team is small. We like it that way. We are a handful of individuals who will go above and beyond what is expected to ensure the success of the work we do. If any one of us says we will do something, we will do more than that. We truly and honestly believe that anything “extra” we do for a client will be for a greater good. Again, our client’s success is how we measure our own. Sounds cliché, but it’s how we roll.



Our process isn’t unusual and we don’t get carried away trying to trademark any buzzwords for it. We work through the necessary exercises to make smart, business-minded decisions. It’s that simple. Simple is not easy though.

At every step, we assess our insights and recommendations with you. While we may bring ideas to the table, we ask you to think about them as hard as we do. In the end, we succeed together because together we’re smarter.

not all engagements use our entire process. we will customize our process based on your needs


We learn about your company, your products, your sales channels, your employees, your customers, their habits, and your competitive landscape.


After we feel steeped in your business, we begin studies and workshops to uncover ownable strategies and positioning for creating or re-creating your brand.


We begin applying the strategic thinking to create your brand personality and voice. This is then applied to your identity, internal communications, website, trade advertising, consumer advertising, and all other brand communications.


With a well defined brand, it is now our job to protect and shepherd the ongoing efforts to grow your business with a strategic plan and a strong, unified message.


We are a collective of individual experts who come together to create, support and communicate your brand to the world. Our assembled network has its own network to create a virtual agency that only uses talent when needed.

This situation ensures you get top-level experts and only pay for their work. You don’t pay for agency happy hours or junior employees that are learning while working on your business. A whole new meaning to individual attention.


Brand Supply Company was built on creative. It is the culmination of all of the hard work we do. It’s ultimately what the world sees and it’s how we prove our thinking.


We partner with Brainy Brandworks to create actionable strategies that bring clarity to your toughest business questions. Together we turn those strategies into meaningful brands.


When we need to reach the public in a more organic way, we tap into the media by partnering with TheKBonfili for PR, Coaching and Outreach.


We’d love to hear how we can help. Call and say hello, or email and we will respond ASAP.

Gary Carter