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Medium Please

The best thing about a strong brand is that it makes it easy to identify your target. When your brand is focused and your products, packaging, stores, and messaging reflects it – there will be no question who your target is. They’re the ones wearing your logo on a t-shirt.

An obvious example is Apple. They set out to make a simplified computer (functionally and aesthetically). 30+ years later, their packaging is largely white and displays a logo, product name and sometimes a beauty shot of the product. It’s not plastered with “easy to use”, “high resolution” or “super fast” violators. It simply states, this is our product – our innovations, our marketing, and our reputation have gotten you to this point, enough said. This may seem like a mistake to some, but it’s one of many things Apple enthusiasts appreciate about the brand. It seems to be working. Just sayin’.

Another example is REI. They have created a much-talked-about policy to close on Black Friday so their employees and their customers can be outside and live the life they desire. The cause: get outside. The effect: selling a fair amount of products to like-minded people who embrace the brand for walking the walk. Or, better put – the hike, climb, paddle and camp.

You may feel like these examples are the easiest to make because they are behemoths in the retail world. You are correct, they are behemoths, but remember – Apple started with a big vision in a small garage. It is only their stedfast adherence to their brand that allowed them to become a behemoth.

Brevity is what creates an everlasting brand. Make a calculated decision to target only one audience or sector. Make a bold move to narrow product offerings. Be a leader who presents a package that isn’t splattered with benefits and violators. Use marketing and advertising to communicate the single reason why consumers should care. Let savvy consumers utilize their knowledge about what ingredients or benefits fit their lifestyles. They’ll appreciate the credit you give their intelligence. They’ll wear your t-shirt for it.

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